Plantoil Bio-Lubricants

Plantoil Saw Blade Oils are non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning lubricants for band saw and circular saw blades.


Made from synthetic esters, based on natural plant and rapeseed oils, they are an environmentally responsible, cost-effective and safe alternative to traditional diesel oil or paraffin.


Benefits of Plantoil Saw Blade Oils:

  • No health risk
  • No fire risk
  • Improved lubrication
  • Rust inhibiting
  • Cleaner saw blades
  • Blade tension retained for longer
  • Blade sharpening intervals extended
  • Based on natural renewable resources

Plantoil Saw Blade Oils, available in 2 viscosity grades, are applied neat using your existing lubrication system, or application can be optimised with the Plantoil Spray Lubrication System.


BioSafe BOEM is a biodegradable, water-miscible saw blade lubricant based on vegetable oils.
Mixed with water, at a ratio of 1:20, BioSafe BOEM forms a stable emulsion to cool and lubricate saw blades. The emulsion prevents residues sticking to blades and protects against corrosion and mould growth.
BioSafe BOEM is exceptionally economical and particularly suited to round timber. Application is optimised by using the Plantoil Spray Lubrication System