Plantoil Bio-Lubricants



Better for the user, better for the environment, better for the engine


Aspen 4t is an effective fuel for all four-stroke engines.


Aspen 2t has all the same benefits as Aspen 4t but is ready-mixed with 2% fully synthetic,
biodegradable Aspen 2-Stroke Oil for use in all air-cooled two-stroke engines.


Petrol fumes and emissions from Aspen fuels are significantly less dangerous to your health than emissions from normal pump petrol. Aspen fuel is free from dangerous constituents such
as lead, benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur and olefins.


Normal pump petrol is produced by refining crude oil; different fractions are processed in
different ways and are then mixed together. As such, pump petrol contains hundreds of different substances, and many of them can have a harmful effect on the environment.


By using only selected gases from the refinement of crude oil, Aspen alkylate petrol is a very
clean fuel that only contains around ten substances, and gives the least possible
environmental impact.


With Aspen fuel engines are cleaner, with less soot and deposits, ensuring higher performance
and reduced maintenance. In addition, Aspen fuel can be stored for years without deteriorating
in quality; normal pump petrol can become unstable when stored for just a few weeks, giving
rise to starting or operating problems. With Aspen fuel, machines are easier to start even after
longperiods of storage.