Plantoil Bio-Lubricants

The application of Conveyor Chain Lubricant involves virtually total loss to the environment. Using Plantoil Conveyor Chain Oil is a major contrbution to providing a cleaner, safer sawmill environment. This non-toxic product is rapidly biodegradable and, being derived from rapeseed (a renewable resource), is also a sustainable product.


The oil is formulated to stick firmly to metal surfaces, even in wet conditions, and offers better protection against corrosion than mineral oil. Its naturally superior lubricity reduces friction, resulting in a more free-running chain, less stress on drives and potentially lower maintenance.

Benefits of Plantoil Conveyor Chain Oil:

  • Non-toxic
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Clings to metal, even in the wet
  • Excellent protection against corrosion
  • Superior lubricity for reduced friction
  • Less oil required
  • Recommended for central lube systems
  • Does not cause irritation to the skin
  • No fire risk
  • Renewable resource

Technical Data

Viscosity at 40°C

Viscosity at 100°C

Pour point

Flash point

Corrosion (steel)

Air Release (min.)

Long-Term Resinification Prevention


Oxidation Stability (minimum level 6 h)

Load Capability



- 18°C
220°C COC
O - A
Does not resinify after 600 hours storage at 85°C
> 18 h DIN EN 14112
24 N/mm2 Brugger
> 75% OECD 301


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